Dacorum Borough Council calls for residents to recycle even more

Feb 18, 2016

So far, Dacorum residents have diverted nearly 5,000 tonnes of food waste from going to landfill by using their food waste caddies. This has saved tax payers over £200,000 since the new recycling scheme was introduced.

But the Council want residents to really look at what they are throwing away and ensure that all food waste is disposed of in the food caddies. All food waste can be thrown in the caddy whether it’s raw or cooked, and all shells and bones can all also be put in along with tea bags and coffee grounds.

As part of the drive to encourage residents to remember to use their food caddies, Dacorum Borough Council will be putting ‘No food waste’ stickers on all grey-wheeled bins.

Craig Thorpe, Group Manager for Environmental Services, said, “Thank you to everyone who is using their food waste caddy each week. However, we are aware that some residents are still throwing most of their food waste in their grey-wheeled bin. Food in the grey bin goes straight to landfill and can cause harmful gases which contribute to global warming.

“By placing a permanent reminder on every household’s grey bin we hope we can stop even more food waste from being sent to landfill and save even more money for our residents.”

The Council’s collection crews will be applying a ‘No food waste’ sticker on the lids of grey-wheeled bins across the borough from Monday 22 February.